About Us

Pi Optima is dedicated to providing solutions to the various challenges that our customers encounter every day. Our team applies its ingenuity to offer solutions that optimize cost, function, and time. Pi Optima has assembled a diverse group of divisions to leverage our expertise and deliver an array of services that provide our customers improved products and lower costs. Each division follows our mission of providing innovative, customizable and flexible services for clients on a global basis.

Inventive Solutions

We have earned a reputation as expert problem solvers. Current and prospective customers often come to us for assistance on their most difficult product challenges. Our team applies our unique ideation process that leans on our expertise in the areas of design, engineering, manufacturing and international sourcing to deliver cost-effective solutions. 

Machine Works

With 28 years of operations and nearly 200 years of combined staff experience, the Machine Works division brings the manufacturing horsepower to Pi Optima. Offering a broad range of machining, fabrication and engineering services, the Machine Works division is widely recognized for its quality, "on time, every time" service. Whether fabricating machine bases, designing complex fixtures or making parts to customer specifications, we begin by understanding the customer's goals and then proceed to accomplish them with efficient, high-quality service, all at a fair price.